A FIX cargo securing product secures the transports to a gold mine


One of the tasks Pohjaset Oy transport company from Keminmaa has, is to deliver steel balls to the biggest gold mine in Europe, located in Kittilä. The steel balls are transported in barrels and it is of course important that these barrels, weighing 1000 kilos each, stays at their place in the transport. – The balls are heavy and picking them up from the cargo space if a barrel falls, is hard work! says Risto Pohjanen from Pohjaset Oy.

Why was a FIX product the solution for the cargo securing?

– We thought about a solution for securing the barrels and came across NWE and their products. So together we planned a new FIX product that was specifically suitable for this transport, Pohjanen continues.

The fabric is already in use and it has worked well. The heavy barrels have stayed at their places even in close call situations. – I am sure the barrels had fallen if they had been secured the traditional way with straps, Pohjanen estimates.

Choose cargo securing depending on cargo

Kimmo Weissenberg from NWE tells, that it is essential to know how to secure the specific cargo you are transporting. All securing ways do not work with all kinds of cargo. This is where NWE’s professionality comes to its use.

– When the cargo varies, securing must be done in different ways but anyway it can still be fast and easy. FIX Strap, FIX Road and FIX Mini products make the securing much faster and the driver doesn’t have to climb in the cargo space. And the automatic system FIX Truck-Safe suits shuttle transports well, were the cargo is the same daily, Weissenberg continues.

In the FIX product family, you find the solution for cargo-securing of different kind of cargos both on land and at sea – and if necessary, we do it custom-made!