Secures and protects cargo even on heavy seas and creates a safer working environment on the vessel

FIX Marine consists of a reinforced, made-to-measure, specialized covering sheet with lashing straps sewn on. The system secures and protects even very tall loads on board, even on heavy seas, and it can be equipped with a weather covering that further protects the sides of the load. Therefore, it is used on a frequent basis, especially for paper transports with tall, upright rolls.


FIX Marine cargo securing covers are manufactured in the following sizes and models:

  • FIX RORO for cassettes, flat-beds and bolsters. Lengths for 20”, 30”, 40” and 45”
  • FIX STOW for e.g. stowing of cargo. Lengths: based on the measurements given by the customer
  • FIX CONT for stowing cargo in containers


FIX Marine is suitable for sea transports, whether on the open surface of a vessel or stowed in the cargo space and makes both loading and unloading easier and safer.

After loading, a forklift or boom can be used to lift the cover up over the cargo if there is no special work platform available . The cover, with its sewn-in lashing straps and ratchets, is pulled over the whole cargo in such a way that its tension is distributed evenly. When cargo is unloaded, the ratchets are loosened first. Afterwards, it is simple to pull the cover to the side and fold it up, so that the inside of the cover does not get dirty.

Speed and efficiency

With FIX Marine custom-sized and specially-woven cargo-securing covers, securing cargo becomes an easier and much safer process than with traditional chains and edge protectors. First-class manufacturing and durable materials also give FIX products a long lifespan (3-5 years), coupled with a short payback period. The long lifespan of the product and its positive effect on work safety, both at the port and on the vessel, increases the efficiency of transport operations.

Secure and reliable cargo securing

The FIX cargo-securing cover is well-suited to the securing of various kinds of goods (e.g. rolls, goods on a pallet, sacks and octabins). It is pulled over the whole cargo in such a way that its tension is distributed evenly, allowing for optimal lashing. The cargo is held together even if it is uneven and consists of multiple separate and differently-sized parts. The German certification and testing company DEKRA has tested and approved the FIX cargo-securing system for beverages and paper, among other things.

The cargo-securing cover is manufactured from soft but durable material that optimally adapts its shape according to the cargo, even in cold weather. The durable material protects the cargo from rain, dirt, heat and UV rays, and ensures that the shipment remains undamaged. Corner protectors are unnecessary.

Technical requirements, standards and certificates

FIX Marine is manufactured and tested according to the EN 12195-2 standard and meets the cargo-securing requirements of the EU and IMO . Calculations show that our cargo-securing system does an excellent job of withstanding the force that cargo is exposed to in various forms of transport and on various routes. The lashing capacity (LC) for each anchor point on the cargo-securing cover is 2,500 daN, and extra straps on the ends also allow for straight lashing. For a number of years, we have had our cargo-securing solutions certified for various types of cargo, and we serve our customers by performing customer-specific cargo-securing calculations.


FIX Marine cargo-securing cover with sewed-in lashing straps frees those who work with cargo at ports from having to climb up onto it, throw lashing straps over it, or roll the straps up afterwards. The soft but durable cover is also easy to handle. FIX Marine also increases safety on vessels. The cargo is held together even under severe circumstances and on heavy seas. With these excellent advantages, we can help shipping companies provide their staff with a safer work environment and prevent accidents on the job.


FIX Marine durable and specially-woven cargo-securing cover reduces the need to protect the cargo against surface pressure and weather and helps shipping companies lessen their environmental impact. The covering allows for reliable securing of cargo without edge protectors or other single-use materials that would otherwise be used to protect the cargo. Damages to packing are also reduced, allowing for more efficient re-use of packing material. Thanks to the high level of resistance to wear, we recommend replacing the coverings after 3-5 years, depending on the degree of use.

“The NWE FIX-Road system has proved to be a very successful EN12195-2 rated high performance load securing system that continues to be customers favoured choice.”

Anthony Bevan – MD Bevan Group