Päällirakenne­tuotteet | Edustamme Suomessa Wistra tuotteita ja lisäksi toimimme polyuretaanieristeiden (DUNA-Corradini S.p.A.) ja lasikuituvahvisteinen polyuretaanilaminaatin (Brianza Plastica S.p.A.) maahantuojana autonkoriteollisuudelle ja kerroslevyvalmistajille.

Auto-Body parts

We represent Wistra products in Finland and import and sell polyurethane insulation (DUNA-Corradini S.p.A.) and glassfibre reinforced polyester laminates (Brianza Plastica S.p.A.) from Nothern Italy for auto body industry and sandwich panel manufacturers.

Wistra | DUNA | Brianza

WISTRA – professional cooperation

WISTRA GmbH is our international partner and we represent their product assortment in Finland.

For more information about Wistra products, visit their homepage


We import DUNA’s polyurethane insulation in various densities and qualities, and for various purposes. The factory in Italy saws and mills the material according to the designs provided by the customer.

We import Brianza Plastica’s fiberglass reinforced polyester laminate, manufactured according to two alternative methods: traditionally, on long tables with cold curing (ELYCOLD) or on a continuous production line (ELYPLAN).

Anthony Bevan – MD, Bevan Group

"The NWE FIX-Road system has proved to be a very successful EN12195-2 rated high performance load securing system that continues to be customers favoured choice."