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Our patented load securing products cover more of less any kind of loads, whether on land or at sea. Besides our revolutionary solutions of manual load securing, we can offer custom-made solutions for automatic load securing.

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Anthony Bevan – MD, Bevan Group

Bevan Group

”The NWE FIX-Road system has proved to be a very successful EN12195-2 rated high performance load securing system that continues to be customers favoured choice.”

Anthony Bevan - MD, Bevan Group
Andy Richardson – Engineering Director, Lawrence David Limited

lawrence david

”FIX load securing systems offer high performance load securing solutions for our Curtain-Siders. Manufactured to EN 12195-2, FIX systems are durable, reliable and easy to operate. FIX cargo securing systems can therefore assist with DVSA/HSL compliance. For many of our customers FIX cargo securing systems are and have been their first choice – for more than 6 years.”

Andy Richardson – Engineering Director, Lawrence David Limited
Jack Cartwright, Graduate Sales Engineer, Tiger Trailers

tiger trailers ”FIX-Road and FIX-Strap2017 provide our customers with reliable, high performance EN 12195-2 rated load securing solutions for curtainsiders. FIX systems contribute to road safety and assist in meeting the load safety requirements of the DVSA/HSL. Tiger Trailers recommends FIX load securing systems to our customers”

Jack Cartwright, Graduate Sales Engineer, Tiger Trailers


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One of Northern Europe’s most recognized experts in load securing - Kimmo Weissenberg - helps you optimize your cargo fastening.

Download Kimmo’s calculation model to find out instantly how to optimally secure your load. Modes of transport, volume, loading layout, and friction factors; this calculation takes it all into account. You won’t find a more comprehensive tool.

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