The world's fastest cargo-securing system, with automatic lashing and re-tightening, provides a safer work environment for drivers

Truck-Safe® is an automated and patented cargo-securing system that allows cargo to be quickly and securely lashed at the push of a button. Tightening the lashings to the desired tension takes between a few seconds and a minute. Truck-Safe® also monitors the tension level and automatically re-tightens the securing straps when needed, e.g. if the cargo collapses. Especially in  shuttle transport, the automatic cargo-securing system allows for increased cost-effectiveness and improves work safety.



Truck-Safe adapts to different cargo and different transport vehicles, such as trailers that are loaded from behind, but also vehicles with openable sides and ceilings, regardless of whether the loading happens through hard walls or a flexible surface.

Truck-Safe consists of the FIX Road®-load-securing cover,  which is suspended on rails on the ceiling of the cargo space, and which is automatically pulled tight over the load, either by electric winches or compressed-air tensioners. Tightening the lashings to the desired tension takes between a few seconds and a minute, so the driver can, for example, prepare for departure  while the cargo is being lashed. Cargo can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift or with an automatic loading system. The cover is pulled over the whole cargo in such a way that its tension is always distributed evenly, even when the cargo consists of separate goods of differing shape and size. Truck-Safe offers benefits for all transport operations in which high quality of cargo-lashing and increased on-the-job protection for drivers are seen as important. See Truck-Safe leaflet.

Speed and efficiency

Truck-Safe saves time on each loading and unloading  be linked to  remote control. The driver does not even need to get out of the cab during loading and unloading. Thanks to the suspended cargo-securing cover, the cargo space is always ready for loading. Our customers estimate that the automatic lashing system saves up to 60 minutes per trip, compared to situations where the cargo is manually secured with a lashing strap. The system delivers the most cost-effective results and saves the most time in shuttle transport with multiple loadings and unloadings.

Secure and reliable cargo securing

Truck-Safe offers the ability to secure cargo by tightening or loosening the tension at the different tightening points. It monitors the tension level and automatically re-tightens when needed. Truck-Safe uses our FIX Road® cargo securing system, which is highly suitable for the securing of various kinds of goods (e.g. rolls, items on pallets, bales, sheet goods, sacks and octabins). The cover is pulled over the whole cargo in such a way that its tension is distributed evenly, allowing for optimal lashing. The cargo is held together even if it is uneven and consists of multiple separate and differently-sized parts. The German certification and testing company DEKRA has tested and approved the FIX cargo-securing system for beverages and paper, among other things. The cargo-securing cover is manufactured from soft but durable material that optimally adapts its shape according to the cargo, even in cold weather. The durable material protects the cargo from rain, dirt, heat and UV rays, and ensures that the shipment remains undamaged.

Technical requirements, standards and certificates

Truck-Safe is manufactured and tested according to the EN 12195-2 standard, and meets all national requirements as well as all requirements of EU legislation, for the securing of cargo. Calculations show that our cargo-securing system does an excellent job of withstanding the force that cargo is exposed to in various forms of transport and on various routes. The lashing capacity (LC) for each anchor point on the cargo-securing cover is 2,500 daN.

For a number of years, we have had our cargo-securing solutions certified for various types of cargo, and we serve our customers by performing customer-specific cargo-securing calculations (see FIX Solutions). If cargo is secured the right way, it is also possible to prevent accidents. According to the European Best Practice Guidelines for Cargo Securing, approximately 25% of trucking accidents may be due to inadequate securing of cargo.


The FIX Road® cargo-securing cover, with sewed-in securing straps, frees the driver from having to climb up onto the cargo, throw securing straps over it, and roll the straps up afterwards. The driver does not need to make unnecessary trips around the vehicle, either. In cases where it is forbidden for the driver to exit the cab, the remote-controlled Truck-Safe system offers an excellent solution. With these practical advantages, we can help our customers provide their drivers with a safer work environment, in regard to both loading and unloading, and prevent accidents on the job. These advantages, along with the savings in time, increase the profitability of transport businesses as well.  The United Kingdom’s occupational safety agency, HSE (Health and Safety Executive), awarded the FIX cargo-securing system the highest possible number of points for work safety after testing the system out in various work situations.


The durable and specially-woven material of Truck-Safe reduces the need to protect the load against surface pressure and weather and helps transport companies lessen their environmental impact. We have also measured out and manufactured the covers and securing straps so that they do not easily get dirty and never get stuck underneath the cargo. These features contribute to a long lifespan for the whole apparatus. The oldest Truck-Safe systems were installed as early as 2013 and are still in use today.

The covering allows for reliable securing of cargo without edge protectors or other single-use materials that would otherwise be used to protect the cargo. Damages to packing are also reduced, allowing for more efficient re-use of packing material.

“The NWE FIX-Road system has proved to be a very successful EN12195-2 rated high performance load securing system that continues to be customers favoured choice.”

Anthony Bevan – MD Bevan Group