Optimizes the profitability of transports with individual cargo-securing calculations, provides a forecast on the payback period of your FIX purchase, and instruments for checking cargo lashings

With FIX Solutions, we offer our customers calculations of cargo securing for cargo and routes (FIX Calculations), a forecast on the payback period of each FIX purchase (FIX PayBack), and instruments for checking cargo lashings (FIX Measure and FIX Check).

FIX Calculations

Cargo-securing calculations are important when one is planning how a specific load should be lashed, how to get the best benefit from the features of the FIX Road cargo-securing cover, how much force needs to be used in tightening the lashing straps, and how the lashing straps should be placed. We perform these calculations case by case for our customers who, in turn, receive an FIX Certificate as confirmation. If the securing of the cargo is carried out according to the calculations, the certificate  should be kept throughout the transport, and displayed to authorities when needed. The certificate states how the lashing should be implemented, and what requirements need to be met according to different countries’ legislation and other regulations along the route.

FIX PayBack

The length of the payback period is decisive for the profitability of any investment, including investment in FIX products. Our customers save a great deal of time with our products, and the FIX PayBack assessments show that investment in FIX products often involves a payback period of only a few weeks. The time saved varies according to cargo type, and according to what FIX products are used. Certain customer-specific information is also taken into consideration in the assessments.

FIX Measure and FIX Check – two unique products for quick checking of the tension in cargo-securing straps.

FIX Measure

A unique electronic measuring instrument for quick and exact checking of the tension force in a taut cargo-securing strap.

The accuracy of the measurement result is +/- 20 daN. The measuring instrument weighs only 1.7 kg with a battery (9V).

FIX Check

A mechanical measuring tool for checking the approximate tension level.

FIX Check gives an indication of the tension in the strap around the cargo. This measuring tool shows you approximately the amount of force that a strap has been pulled taut with. Since the tension level in a securing strap can vary up to 50% according to various factors, e.g. depending on the strap material, the arm strength of the person securing the cargo, and the length of strap around the ratchet axle , it is important to check what the actual force is.


Examples of time saved:

When securing paper rolls with FIX Road one can count on saving 30-45 minutes per load, as there is no need to place edge protectors and throw securing straps over the cargo. In unloading, one saves at least 15 minutes by not having to gather up loose securing straps. Our customers confirm that the number of loads per day has increased by 25% (from 4 to 5 on certain routes, for example) and many have succeeded in cutting their cargo-securing time in half with FIX Road.

When cargo is secured using FIX Strap , one saves a great deal on both loading and unloading compared with normal securing straps. With FIX Strap, the securing straps are always ready for loading, since they are suspended on the ceiling, on rails, and ready in place above the cargo. If loading is being done through the roof, the straps can easily be pulled out of the way, to the other end of the trailer, and then pulled back when the cargo needs to be secured. The rubber-cord suspension also keeps the hooks from falling out of the loops, which saves further time for the driver. It is also possible to permanently attach the ratchets to the system, so that they are kept clean and in better condition, just like the securing straps.

The FIX Truck Safe system is entirely in its own class – the lashing happens automatically and takes between a few seconds and a minute, and the time saved allows transports to get on their way earlier. For example, the driver can take care of paperwork while the cargo is being lashed. This increases the efficiency of transports, and the profitability of transport operations overall. The number of loads per day and per vehicle can be multiplied, so that a vehicle with Truck-Safe can stand in for multiple vehicles with manual cargo securing.

“The NWE FIX-Road system has proved to be a very successful EN12195-2 rated high performance load securing system that continues to be customers favoured choice.”

Anthony Bevan – MD Bevan Group