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FIX Cargo securing | world’s fastest system for securing cargo

Our FIX original products are the basis for the world’s fastest system for securing cargo – whether on land or at sea, manually or automatically. We offer patented and industry-changing cargo securing systems that save time in both loading and unloading, provide optimal lashing results, and make the job of a professional driver both safer and physically easier. The cargo arrives sooner, and in good condition.

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Do you need a secure, time-saving and economical way of securing cargo? You have come to the right place!

Cargo securing is our passion at NWE. Finding durable, handy and above all, secure solutions, is what we do with pride!

Our strength is in diversity and we help you find the right solution for cargo securing either with our patented FIX products or by custom-made solutions.

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”We give our customers an all-included service and nothing is coincidental. The customer can always rely on, that the FIX investment is profitable due the pay-back calculations we make.” – Mats Rönnskog, CEO

“We also have the competence to do calculations for cargo securing for different types of cargos and different routes.” – Kimmo Weissenberg, Technical director / Truck-Safe sales