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Bevan Group

”The NWE FIX-Road system has proved to be a very successful EN12195-2 rated high performance load securing system that continues to be customers favoured choice.”

Anthony Bevan – MD, Bevan Group

lawrence david

”FIX load securing systems offer high performance load securing solutions for our Curtain-Siders. Manufactured to EN 12195-2, FIX systems are durable, reliable and easy to operate. FIX cargo securing systems can therefore assist with DVSA/HSL compliance. For many of our customers FIX cargo securing systems are and have been their first choice – for more than 6 years.”

Andy Richardson – Engineering Director, Lawrence David Limited

tiger trailers

”FIX-Road and FIX-Strap2017 provide our customers with reliable, high performance EN 12195-2 rated load securing solutions for curtainsiders. FIX systems contribute to road safety and assist in meeting the load safety requirements of the DVSA/HSL. Tiger Trailers recommends FIX load securing systems to our customers”

Jack Cartwright, Graduate Sales Engineer, Tiger Trailers


Fix Road System receives feedback from the customer Welllogistik GmbH


Investment in safety


Welllogistik GmbH Transport und Service is part of the Wellteam Group, which employs more than 600 people. In this logistics area of the company one deals almost exclusively only with the internal logistics, which is needed to supply the own factories for corrugated board, packaging, displays and the own printing house.

Since process optimizations and an employee-friendly working environment form the basis of the company’s philosophy, the company has also integrated a system into the respective vehicles for securing loads, which not only offers fast handling but also many other advantages.

The load securing system is called Fix Road and was developed by the Finnish manufacturer NWE Network Engineering Oy Ab from Närpes and has been continuously optimized over the last few years.

The company Welllogistik has been actively using these systems since 2012 and gave the manufacturer NWE and the company WISTRA (the distribution partner for Germany and other countries) an open feedback during normal use in day-to-day business.

Currently, about 60 systems are integrated in the own vehicle fleet of curtainside trailers and consistently ensure a positive atmosphere among all participants, from management to the driver. During the mutual exchange of experiences, you could feel how much they stand behind the system.

All these advantages can be summarized as follows by statements from the team:

Headline: “It’s easy!” – Long-time experienced driver of Welllogistics

– Avoidance of edge protection corners, since the tarpaulin ensures a uniform surface load on the goods
– the same system secures optimally sensitive goods of various kinds. paper rolls, format paper, cardboard, waste paper, octabins, IBCs, small bags, big bags and much more
– No loss or theft of load securing devices, since the system is integrated on the vehicle and the required short ends in the storage box easily find its place
– No complicated winding of the loose ends required – time advantage
– Significantly less risk of accidents during loading and unloading, since climbing on the vehicle between, in front of and behind the goods is eliminated
– Less damage to the goods causes fewer problems in production processes
– no discussions with control authorities, as the system has been tested by DEKRA and is manufactured according to standard 12195-2
– less time pressure for the driver during loading and unloading. The driver is significantly faster in securing and unlocking than the forklift driver of the loading points
– The loading points even welcome this system particularly, since a higher number of loading and unloading operations would be possible if more such systems were integrated in the market
– The assembly by the workshop of Welllogistik also poses no problem. Even after the installation of the first system, it takes about three hours with two people to equip a complete curtainsider itself. If this is not possible, a vehicle body builder can help.

Shipment: Paper rolls, paper

Vehicles: 13.6m-long trailer

Big delivery to Peura-Trans Oy during the spring of 2020


The delivery to Peura-Trans Oy included 30 FIX Strap® systems for 15 truck and trailer combinations. They mostly transport sawn timber and general cargo in Finland and out to Europe.

Interview with Peura-Trans Oy:

“Fortunately, we were paying attention when a driver from another company secured their cargo,” says Jukka Heikkinen, transport manager at Peura-Trans Oy, a transport company from Kuhmo.

The cargo had been secured with FIX Strap, and after finding this out, it did not take long before Peura-Trans installed FIX Cargo Securing system from NWE to its fifteen combinations. Their companies mainly transport bulk goods such as sawn timber and construction products.

Fix Strap speeds up load securing and loading time up to 20-30%. Icy and dirty belts lying on vehicle floors are a thing of the past. You no longer need to throw straps over the load, which prevents driver arm and shoulder injuries,” Heikkinen continues.

According to Heikkinen, after testing the products for a few months, their first impression is very good. They are now considering FIX Strap systems for all of their future cargo hauling vehicles. For more efficient and faster operation, get acquainted with FIX Strap load securing products at

Watch film on FIX Strap in a crew from Peura-Trans ▶

Shipment: sawn timber and general cargo

Vehicles: Two 13.6m-long trailers

Double delivery of an automatic load lashing system to Pohjaset Oy in April 2020

The delivery to Pohjaset Oy included automatic loading and Truck-Safe® Cargo Securing system for a 14.6 m long trailer. The trailer has an electric transport system on the floor and the system is adapted to existing loading docks, several in the factory and in the port. Truck-Safe’s patented pneumatic cargo securing system means that the FIX Road® load securing fabric is stretched over the load and follows its shape after loading. When unloading, the securing fabric is released up to the ceiling before the floors discharge the load to the dock in the harbor. This saves several minutes of time compared to old systems with airbags and enables the customer to carry more daily transports. During the first 5 months, the system has been used for over 2100 loads and this is about 240 more than the old system had managed just because of time savings. In addition, the new trailers are 1m longer than old ones and have a maximum load capacity of 40 tonnes.

Watch an interview with Risto Pohjanen about the Truck-Safe® system here ▶ 

Shipment: Paper rolls, from the factory to the port

Transport route: 7 km in Kemi, Finland

Frequency of transport: Over 30 transports/day

Capacity: 40 t/trailer

Vehicles: 14.6m-long trailer

Double delivery to Kiitosimeon Oy, April 2017


The delivery to Kiitosimeon Oy included two Truck-Safe® systems consisting of compressed-air tensioners on the right side of the trailer. The trailers have an openable roof, and an openable side for loading. Truck-Safe’s patented suspension system allows the FIX Road® cargo-securing cover to move in tandem with the trailer’s openable roof and prevents it from getting in the way during loading or unloading. This saves a great deal of time and enables the customer to make more daily transports with a smaller number of transport vehicles on the road. With a normal lashing system, Kiitosimeon Oy would have needed more trailers to manage so many daily transports.

Shipment: cellulose, from the factory to the port

Transport route: 17 km in Kemi, Finland

Frequency of transport: over 20 transports/day/vehicle

Capacity: 24 t/trailer

Vehicles: Two 13.6m-long trailers with HCT (High Capacity Transport) permits

Truck-Safe secured 40,000 loads of Tapio Ylisuvanto Oy between 2013 and 2017


The delivery, in 2013, included a Truck-Safe® system that was built with compressed-air tensioners on one side of the trailer and the body of the vehicle. The ceiling and other side of the trailer were openable and allowed loading from the side. Truck-Safe’s patented suspension system for the FIX Road® cargo securing cover also prevented the cover from getting in the way during loading or unloading. That way, the cover and securing strips were kept clean, giving them a much longer lifespan than traditional lashing cords. The truck combination with Truck-Safe was in daily use for 3.5 years, until April 2017, and delivered a total of approx. 40,000 loads. Achieving the same number of loads with manual cargo securing would have required the customer to either spend a great deal more time or use more vehicles.

Shipment: cellulose, from the factory to the port

Transport route: 17 km in Kemi, Finland

Frequency of transport: over 20 transports/day/vehicle

Capacity: 24 t/trailer, 18 t/truck

Vehicles: 13.6m-long trailer + 8m truck

Double delivery to Pohjaset Oy, November 2017


The delivery to Pohjaset Oy involved the installation of the Truck-Safe® system on two trailers used for multiple daily transports of cellulose and sawed lumber. The system was built with compressed-air tensioners on one side of the trailer, where the cargo is lashed automatically with the help of a durable FIX Road® cargo-securing cover. The suspended cargo-securing cover moves in tandem with the openable roof of the cargo space, and allows loading and loading through one side. Truck-Safe superbly suits Pohjaset Oy’s need to  shift loads, with each transport, between cellulose and sawed lumber. The automatic lashing guarantees an optimal lashing result each time.

Shipment: cellulose one way, sawed lumber the other way

Transport route: 110 km Kemi–Oulu, Finland

Transport frequency: 4–6 transports/day/vehicle

Capacity: maximal volume 170 m3; maximal weight of load: 76 t for cellulose, or 70 t for sawed lumber

Vehicles: Two 13.6m-long trailers with HCT (High Capacity Transport) permits

Three deliveries to PM Transport Ab during 2015 and 2016


PM Transport Ab has had Truck-Safe® installed in its three truck combinations. After the first two systems proved to be a success, it was soon time for a third. The first two systems installed in 2015 use electric winches, whereas the third, from 2016, consists of compressed-air tensioners. Both the winches and the compressed-air tensioners  are installed on the right side of the trailer, and enable loading from the left side. Truck-Safe’s patented suspension system allows the cargo-securing cover to move in tandem with the truck combination’s openable roof, which makes both loading and unloading easier and faster.

Shipment: cellulose, from the factory to the port

Transport route: 18 km in Sundsvall, Sweden

Transport frequency: 18 transports/day/vehicle

Capacity: 32 t/long trailer + 18 t/central axle trailer

Vehicles: three 12m-long trailers + three 8m-long central axle trailers

Four systems to UPM Paper in Rauma during 2017 and 2018


NWE is working on a joint venture with UPM Oy and Siimet Oy, setting the new standards for automatic cargo securing.  With the patented FIX Truck-Safe® system, NWE is putting together the missing pieces in the logistics chain.

In the video you can see up to 42 tons of paper rolls transported from the UPM mill to the harbor in Rauma,  Finland. The article related to the video in Finnish language is here:

The largest rolls are close to 4m wide standing upright and their weight is about 5 tons each. Rolls with smaller widths are placed above each other to max. 4m high staples. Loading is automatic and when the trailer superstructure is lowered to place and locked the tensioning of the cargo securing starts. FIX Truck-Safe® is based on FIX Road® cargo securing tarpaulin, pneumatic tensioners and a control including supervision of tensioning force. In this case the tensioners are placed inside the cargo space at the lower edge of the side walls because the unloading is done with forklifts from both sides and then tensioners, fabric and straps are lifted with the superstructure away from unloading functions.

Shipment: paper rolls standing upright, from the factory to the port

Transport route: 4 km in Rauma, Finland

Transport frequency: 1-2 transports/hour day and night / 4 vehicles

Capacity: 42 t/trailer

Vehicles: four 13m-long trailers with lifting superstructure and moving floor


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