Q & A The cover as cargo securing


It must be difficult to secure a cargo with a heavy cover?

In fact, the FIX Road fabric is suspended under the roof of the cargo space on tracks with bungee cords. Since the fabric moves and slides easily on its track system there is very little physical effort involved when positioning it over the target cargo. With FIX Road there is NO climbing up onto the trailer or over the load to secure it. The FIX Road fabric itself is lightweight – only around 40 kg but it’s the bungee system that carries it and not the operator so no worries there. Compared to other lashing procedures – it is fast and easy.

Why is FIX Road a more secure way for securing the cargo than straps?

With FIX Road, the fabric applies an evenly distributed lashing force over the entire contact area of the cargo even when the cargo consists of separate goods of differing shape and size. With its frictional and directional lashing abilities you can be confident that FIX Road will secure the cargo to the deck with a controlled and even lashing forces applied throughout the contact surface of the cargo.

Is it faster than securing the cargo with standard loose straps?

The fabric in FIX Road and FIX Truck-Safe allows savings on both loading and unloading, since there is no need to throw straps over the cargo or roll them up afterwards. The cargo space is always ready for loading, without any time-consuming preparations. Our customers estimate that they save at least 30 minutes on each loading (semi-trailer), and at least 15 minutes on each unloading. To collect loose straps after unloading can alone take up to 10 minutes. When not in use FIX systems just stow automatically to the roof and can be easily positioned to the front of the trailer and out of the way.

Covers can’t hold for long, it must be expensive to buy new ones all the time?

First-class manufacturing and durable materials give FIX products a long lifespan (of 5 years or more when calculating with 30 loads/week), giving  a short payback period. The significant time savings and long lifespan increases the efficiency of transport operations.

It takes a lot of space to have the cover inside the cargo space and how can you load the cargo with a cover in there?

When the time comes to unload, the ratchets are released, and its bungee system pulls it high up in the roof and clear of the cargo. The fabric can then be pulled to the end of the trailer and concertina stowed with a small footprint allowing clear access for unloading and re-loading. Space requirement under the roof is minimal.

Does it work with cargos with sharp edges?

The cargo-securing fabric is manufactured from soft but durable material that optimally adapts its shape according to the cargo, even in cold weather. The durable material protects the cargo from rain, dirt, heat and UV rays, and ensures that the shipment remains undamaged. The lifespan is 5 years or more with 30 loads/week years depending on the of the level of use. For very sharp-edged cargo we can recommend FIX Mini with demountable wearpads.