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Cargo securing for the economically minded

Trailer on sea

Cargo securing for the economically minded 

This is post number 22 in a series of cargo securing advice and useful hints. These are meant for people who think economically. They do not like to waste time, muscle power, risk their health or pay fines.

It is highly possible that export cargo will have a part of the journey on a ferry. Sometimes a trailer on sea end up even in rough conditions. Therefore, it is essential for the person responsible of cargo securing to be aware of requirements that apply on the sea area where the ship will sail. Accelerations to different directions are not the same as on land. Major difference is in sideway acceleration. Additionally, the vertical acceleration may be down to 20% of what we have on dry land. Then higher risk for tipping and sliding is obvious. In practice cargo securing done properly on land is good enough on Baltic Sea, but not anywhere else. Be aware when securing a cargo, that the trailer might be on sea later on during the trip.

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