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Cargo securing for the economically minded

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Cargo securing for the economically minded

This is post number 26 in a series of cargo securing advice and useful hints. These are meant for people who think economically. They do not like to waste time, muscle power, risk their health or pay fines.

First chapter in series how NOT to do things. Try to eliminate the weakest link.

It doesn’t matter how well you place and tighten your cargo securing devices if the connection to the vehicle is not good. You need to use right hook to right place. Cargo securing devices are supposed to be connected to lashing points on the vehicle. The breaking strength of these points establish the Lashing Capasity (LC) and they are in many countries depending on the total weight of the vehicle and defined in the local legislation. In some countries the maker of the trailer has to show the LC of the lashing points and also the allowed angles for use. Very often the lashing points have LC 2000daN. If your cargo securing devices have higher value for LC, the weakest link is the lashing point in the trailer.

NOTE! If you place the hook somewhere else or use wrong hook, then you have no idea about the strength of the lashing point. What braking strength are you going to rely on then?

Weakest link


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