We at NWE are very proud of our multifaceted FIX product family: FIX Road, FIX Marine, FIX Strap and FIX Truck-Safe, which have been praised by our customers, but also achieved top rankings in impartial tests both in Germany and England

Quality is the core of our identity, and it has taken us far: our cargo-securing system is suitable for the securing of almost all cargo, both on land and at sea, and allows us to be able to serve the transport industry worldwide. In addition to our industry-changing solutions for manual cargo securing, we can also offer customised solutions for automatic lashing of cargo.

We provide our customers with comprehensive service, leaving nothing to chance. All FIX-products and their components are tested at multiple stages of production, and are tested again as completed products. Customers can always be sure that their investment in FIX is a profitable one, thanks to the payback period forecasts we offer. Our competence also includes performing cargo-securing calculations for various cargo and various transport routes, which separates us from all other vendors in Finland and abroad . There is no doubt that we have the market’s most satisfied customers.

Over the past two years, we have been able to triple our production, and the demand for our products is growing faster than ever. We want to become one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of cargo-securing systems, and are already well on our way to this goal. Despite growing demand, we can promise our customers that we will not become speed-blind. We always secure cargo with 100% quality, safety and efficiency.

Our success story in a nutshell


We started our business in 2002, selling high-class materials to the auto body and boat industries. From the start, we proceeded from a central principle: our customers should always be able to rely on our products to meet the technical demands of the transport industry, even far into the future.


In 2008, we made a major push that changed everything for us. We felt strongly about making a contribution to the transport industry’s most important pillars: security, efficiency and safety. With this in mind, we bought the rights and equipment for manufacturing the unique cargo-securing system FIX from the company Walki Oy in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari). The purchase became the turning point for our business, and was the start of a successful chapter in our history.


Today, we manufacture our patented FIX products and accompanying suspension system, which meet all applicable cargo-securing requirements for road and sea transport worldwide. Our cargo-securing system allows customers to save on time, and increases the level of safety for both the cargo and the driver. The environment is also important to us, and we are happy that our FIX products help to reduce waste. When you use our cargo-securing cover, there is no longer any need to use, for example, corner protectors, which are often single-use items . Our products are also sustainable due to the high-class materials we use, so the load-securing equipment does not need to be replaced as often as traditional securing straps. These advantages explain the continually-increasing demand for our products. They have made us what we are: an important vendor and partner in the transport industry, both nationally and worldwide.

Q & A The cover as cargo securing

It must be difficult to secure a cargo with a heavy cover? In fact, the FIX Road fabric is suspended under the roof of the cargo space on tracks with bungee cords. Since the fabric moves and slides easily on its track system there is very little physical effort involved when positioning it over the […]

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FIX Cargo Securing at Kuljetus-Logistiikka Show May 9-11, 2019 in Helsinki!

Have you noticed the traditional way of securing cargo with straps doesn’t always work as well as you wish? Did you know that in FIX Cargo Securing product family we have the solutions to most cargo securing problems? We present our revolutionary FIX Cargo Securing at Kuljetus-Logistiikka Show May 9-11, 2019 in Helsinki! Come and […]

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FIX Truck-Safe® cargo securing system secures the HCT transports of Pohjaset Oy

– When we started planning the purchase of the 34,5 meters long HCT (high capacity transport) truck, it was clear from the beginning it would be equipped with FIX Truck-Safe® cargo securing system, tells Risto Pohjanen from Pohjaset Oy transport company in Keminmaa, Finland. – Our HCT truck drives several times a day from Kemi […]

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IAA 2018

NWE participates in the IAA Commercial vehicles fair 20-27 September 2018, Hannover. Meet us at the Wistra stand C23 in Hall 27

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