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This is post number 17 in a series of cargo securing advice and useful hints. These are meant for people who think economically. They do not like to waste time, muscle power, risk their health or pay fines.

Heavy cargo away from front headboard? Due to weight distribution you might need to place heavier cargo items, like saw timber, in the middle of the trailer. Sometimes this has to be done with some distance from the headboard. This post is about how you can prevent it from sliding or tipping forward without using a huge number of top-over lashings (see post nr. 11). One way is to add spring lashings. A direct lashing like spring lashing can be formed easily with straps around the front top corners or with the help of an empty pallet standing up or with a fabric made for the purpose.

Here a strong fabric with one top over lashing and 2 pairs of spring lashings are combined on the same product. It will secure up to 12 tons from moving forward.

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