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Lashing with chains

This is post number 16 in a series of cargo securing advice and useful hints. These are meant for people who think economically. They do not like to waste time, muscle power, risk their health or pay fines.

Lashing methods Part 3D: Direct lashing with chains

Heavy items like machines are often secured with chains. Here the chains are connected to the item on specified locations, where the manufacturer of the item has added lashing points and clear marking of them. In this case, it is a safe choice to connect with a chain.

Generally, do not use a chain as top over lashing over a machine because A) the elongation of a chain is rather small so it is likely that the chain will easily become loose if the item moves even a little due to e.g. vibration and B) the pressure of the chain can easily damage the item if in a faulty position. So, chains are to be connected between lashing points in the cargo item and the trailer. Place them so they are crossing each other to prevent sideways tipping.

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